ComeOn ropes in Nicklas Bendtner as the brand ambassador

Nicklas Bendtner, the greatest Danish football hero of all time, has been appointed as the new ambassador for ComeOn Company, an online sportsbook, and casino. After securing a five-year gaming license from Denmark’s gaming authority, ComeOn Group launched its flagship, which provides both casino and sports betting and operates on its own proprietary networkContinue reading “ComeOn ropes in Nicklas Bendtner as the brand ambassador”

You Are Not in Lack

As much as you can, erase lack from your consciousness. Never see lack as an abiding reality. There is no lack in the Universe, there are only seasons. You’re not in lack, you’re expecting your harvest. Lack consciousness will make you deny yourself some essentials. Lack consciousness will make you not invest. Lack consciousness willContinue reading “You Are Not in Lack”

Around 15% of Brits Are Refusing the COVID-19 Jab, According to the Vaccines Minister

The vaccine rollout is well and truly underway, with more than 12 million of the UK’s most vulnerable Brits now having had at least one dose of the jab – gradually nudging the nation ever-closer to the elusive end of lockdown restrictions. It’s the highest uptake of any vaccination drive run by the NHS according…Continue reading “Around 15% of Brits Are Refusing the COVID-19 Jab, According to the Vaccines Minister”

Has Nike acquired Datalogue to Assist Fuel Digital Growth?

Nike has publically announced its acquisition of data integration start-up platform, Datalogue. The New York-based company is the sportswear giant’s latest acquisition because of its recent consumer-led digital transformation measures. President and CEO of Nike Inc., John Donahoe, stated in an interview that, “Our CDA strategy focuses on accelerating how we connect with consumers toContinue reading “Has Nike acquired Datalogue to Assist Fuel Digital Growth?”

Has Puma Delivered “Eclipse” Pack for World’s Most Exciting Footballers?

Puma has just released a new collection for all the football lovers out there, Constructing two blacked-out pairs to be sported by the most exciting names the game has ever seen. Featuring the FUTURE Z and ULTRA silhouettes, the “Eclipse” pack is tailor-made to offer footballers stealth, style, and speed as they take on opposition players.Continue reading “Has Puma Delivered “Eclipse” Pack for World’s Most Exciting Footballers?”

U.S. investigators find toxic heavy metals in some baby food

Baby food products are pictured in a shop at Nestle headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland. U.S. congressional investigators found “dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals” in certain baby foods that could cause neurological damage, a House Oversight subcommittee said in a report released on Thursday in calling for new standards and testing requirements. The panel examinedContinue reading “U.S. investigators find toxic heavy metals in some baby food”

What is Bathmophobia?

Introduction Bathmophobia, or the fear of slopes or stairs, is a somewhat complicated phobia. It is quite similar to climacophobia, or the fear of climbing stairs, except in its specific focus. If you have bathmophobia, you might panic when simply observing a steep slope, while people with climacophobia typically experience symptoms only when expected toContinue reading “What is Bathmophobia?”

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